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Community Clinic is a CHC based in Springdale with clinics in northwest Arkansas. There are two locations that offer MAT: Fayetteville and Rogers. Four health care providers offer MAT treatment for addiction: Dr. Mark Worley, Jessica Preston APRN, Lee Pridmore LCSW, and Annmarie Garibay, case manager.

  • Fayetteville: 3162 W. Martin Luther King Blvd. Suites 13 & 14
    (479) 935-4834
  • Rogers: 1233 W. Poplar St.
    (479) 636-9235

How does one go about making an appointment? Is telehealth available?

Call (479) 751-7417 and ask for Annmarie Garibay. Telehealth is an option for their appointments with Lee Pridmore, but their appointments with the medical providers are in person.


What does MAT involve at Community Clinic?


Our MAT treatment involves UDS drug screenings, appointments with the behavioral health consultant (Lee), and appointments with the provider (Dr. Worley or Jessica Preston). The frequency of these appointments depends on what phase of the program the patient is in. The longer the patient is successfully sober, the higher the phase, and the few appointments.


Who is eligible for the program?


The MAT program is only for those 18 and older who struggle with opioid addiction.


What costs are involved? Any assistance offered?


Cost will depend on patient's insurance coverage. If the patient does not have insurance, we currently have grant funding opportunities and a generous discount program.

Do you offer social support services, such as help with food, housing, and transportation?


We have in-house patient advocates who can help patients with resource needs.

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