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Boston Mountain Rural Health Center

Boston Mountain is a CHC based in Marshall with locations throughout northwestern and north-central Arkansas. There are six locations that offer MAT:  Marshall, Huntsville, Mountain Home, Harrison, and Clinton.

Six health care providers offer MAT treatment for patients needing help with addiction: Neil Langer APRN and associate medical director, Dustin Bentley APRN, Angela Teague APRN, and Dr. Lawrence Meyer.

  • Marshall: 2263 Hwy 65 North
    (870) 448-5733
  • Huntsville: 934 North Gaskill Street
    (479) 738-5500
  • Mountain Home: 444 Hospital Drive
    (870) 701-0238
  • Yellville: 358 East Valley Street
    (870) 449-7000
  • Harrison: 1002 North Spring Street
    (870) 741-6373
  • Clinton: 465 Medical Center Parkway
    (501) 745-7888
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Debbie Ackerson

Boston Mountain Rural Health Center


How does one go about making an appointment? Is telehealth available?

Contact our office and request an apt for MAT services, or request on their medical visit with their PCP. Telehealth is an option for MAT services.


What addictions does MAT treat?


Anyone with a Diagnosis of substance use disorder. Opioid, alcohol, and various other substances.


What costs are involved? Any assistance offered?


We bill insurance and patients may apply to our sliding fee program.


What medications are used?


Suboxone, Vivitrol, and Naltrexone.


Do you offer social support services, such as help with food, housing, and transportation?


Any and all.

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