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Mid-Delta Health Systems, Inc.

Mid-Delta Health Systems is a Patient-Centered Medical Home which means that we deliver a higher quality of healthcare to YOU THE PATIENT by providing the best of comprehensive and coordinated health care at all life stages.

Offered at Clarendon Site
Dr. Chris Hopkinson
Dr. Andy Schalchlin

245 Madison

Clarendon, AR 72029


Monica Lindley

Mid-Delta Health Systems, Inc.


How does one go about making an appointment? Is telehealth available?

Call (870) 747-3381 and tell our team that you are interested in the MAT program. They will take your details and our Licensed Clinical Social Worker will call you to gather information and provide further detail about the program. You will then be invited to visit with one of our providers and work out a plan of care. Telehealth is an available tool, and can be used for at least some visits. First visits will aways need to be made in person.


What does MAT involve?


MAT stands for Medication Assisted Treatment, but our goal is to be so much more than that. We do prescribe medication to support a journey towards sustained recovery, but we can also provide counseling therapy, a safe space to discuss substance use, attention to other medical needs or mental health needs, and support with medical coverage and accessing critical social supports.


What addictions does your MAT program treat?


Our primary focus is opioid use, and it is only for opioids that we have effective medication treatment options. However, for people who struggle with other substance use in addition to opioids, we will provide support and accountability. For many people using multiple substances including opioids, effective opioid MAT can provide a solid platform for tackling the other substance concerns.


What costs are involved? Any assistance offered?


As a Community Health Center we accept almost all government and private insurance and will always work with those without coverage. We will make every effort to limit cost, including through our income-assessed low fees, our discount prescription program, and by assisting with accessing healthcare coverage, or other resources.


What medications are used?


Primarily we prescribe buprenorphine, usually as a tablet or film that dissolves in the mouth. Naltrexone may also be available in some cases.

Do you offer social support services, such as help with food, housing, and transportation?

Yes, we have staff available to assist with these services as described above.


Anything else about your program?


We recognize that struggling with opioids is a painful, frightening, and often isolating experience. We are here to provide help and not judgement, and all are welcome!

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